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"You Come to the House?"

When was the last time you had your oil changed at the house? When was the last time you had a brake job done at your work? When was the last time you had a transmission fluid change while grocery shopping? Yeah right. We know the process...we take the car to the shop and drop it off. If things go well, we can expect to have it back the same day, or in a few days. How would you like to have a car repair done while you are doing what you need to already do? That's what we specialize repairs that bring the tools to you. Where is your car during the work week? Is it in Richmond, VA? Due to work restrictions is it at the house in Midlothian? Or do you have some errands to run in Short Pump, VA and the car will be at a grocery store for a few hours? DING Mobile Dent Removal will come to you! Call us to schedule an appointment!!

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