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Golf R Rocker Panel Damage

We got an interesting email asking about a very specific problem. The owner of a Golf R took the car to an inspection station and they improperly raised the car on the lift. The mechanic set the lift points just off the factory set points. Resulting in the damage you see below...

The owner reached out to multiple paintless dent repair companies and each of them expressed reluctance over the repair. Some said that the paint would come off, others said it couldn't be done. However, the owner had found a video showing the tools and explaining how to repair this exact damage. Eventually he contacted DING Mobile Dent Removal. To his surprise, we confirmed that we could repair the damage, we have the proper tools, and we know personally the individual that developed the tools and demonstrated the repair in the video he watched. Relief was the order of the day! The owner did not want to take his car to a body shop. He did not want aftermarket paint on his car. We were able to do the repair in his garage in a matter of hours as opposed to a week or more with the car in a body shop. you have rocker panel damage? Make DING Mobile Dent Removal your first call!

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