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Do You Work On The Fast And The Furious?

Not all cars do the same thing...well actually they do. They take you and your family, animals, and stuff from here to there. However, some of them do it much faster than your Mom's station wagon growing up. For example, ever heard of a Series White STI? Only 500 made and we worked on this one recently. Fantastic car. Fantastic power. Fantastic handling. Does it take you and your stuff from here to there? Yes. But it does it a whole lot faster. Do you have dents in a JDM car? What's a JDM car? It stands for Japanese Domestic Market. Look it up, there is a whole crew of these things out there on the internet. Do you have a dent? Call DING Mobile Dent Removal. We are serving Henrico, Glen Allen, Richmond, and the surrounding areas!!

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