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Can You Fix This?

What is DING Mobile Dent Removal capable of repairing? We get phone calls with potential customers looking for a solution to their problems. However, sometimes the damage to the vehicle is too severe for us to repair. Mobile Paintless Dent Repair does repair collision damage. However, the term “collision” needs to be clarified. When a car door is opened and slammed into your fender, the result is a dent from the collision. But often, we associate “collision” with an auto accident. This is the type of “collision” that we are unable to repair. When vehicles collide on the road, often external and internal body parts need to be replaced, repaired, and repainted. We specialize in repairing the dings and dents that happen in the parking lots and garages of our lives. So if you have a dent or ding in your vehicle call us at (804) 767-1010 and we can provide you with a quote to have the damage repaired. Do you live in the Richmond Virginia area? Call us to set up an appointment!

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