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What Is Glue Pulling?

Many professions have terms to describe actions, conditions, or items related to the actual work. For example, lawyers and doctors both have their own ‘lingo’. That ‘lingo’ can be very challenging to understand let alone pronounce. So here, we explain terms used in the Paintless Dent Repair process and industry. Glue Pulling is a process developed to repair dents that are inaccessible from underneath the vehicle’s body panels. It involves hot glue that is designed for Paintless Dent Repair. The glue is applied to plastic tabs and then pressed onto the vehicle. The tabs are then pulled and removed to repair the dent. It sounds simple, but it is a very difficult task! It requires time, patience, and skill to execute effectively. DING Mobile Dent Removal located in Richmond, VA, uses this method to repair automobiles, travel trailers, and refrigerators. Watch the video and see it explained in action!

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