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Do You Have To Take My Car Apart?

Sometimes, but only when necessary. With the wide variety of tools to repair dents, it has become easier to access the damaged areas of vehicles. However, there are some situations where I must remove door panels, hood blankets, and deck lid liners. As an example, when a vehicle is damaged by hail, it is necessary to remove the headliner from the interior. Otherwise, it is virtually impossible to repair the damage. Watch the video of a Toyota FJ Cruiser. I had to remove the door panel and contort my body to access the backside of the dent. But that was the only way to repair the vehicle. Removing pieces of the car isn’t the easy route, but sometimes its the only way to make it happen! If you are interested in having us take care of you dents, please call DING Mobile Dent Removal at (804) 767-1010 or visit! We are a mobile business serving Richmond, VA!

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