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Do Dents Tell A Story?

Look at the picture on this post...what do you think? What’s the story behind this dent? Did it get hit by something? Or did it collide with something? How long ago did the damage occur? Whatever happened, it was a big hit and it happened a long time ago. How do I know that? Look at that huge patch of rust!! That doesn’t happen over night! So yes...every dent tells a story.

Consider this story from the fall of 2017: a woman had a huge dent in the hood of her Mazda 3. She was parked at the beach and a “giant sea bird died mid flight and landed on my hood!” That’s quite a story!

How about this one: 2017 Jeep Wrangler, husband took the doors off and while putting them back on, the mirror swung into the cowl. The dreaded Cowl Dent!! Here is the point: every dent does tell a story! But, why let the dent remind you of the story? Thats exactly what we do…we specialize in removing the dents in your vehicle! So why not erase the evidence of the damage in your vehicle, and add to the story by calling DING Mobile Dent Removal?!?!!! We service Richmond, VA! Call us at (804) 767-1010 or visit us at to schedule an appointment!!

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