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Dents in a refrigerator?

People that follow us on Instagram and Facebook have asked, “Can you fix dents in a refrigerator?” The short answer is Yes, and the long answer is Yes. Appliances are an interesting beast. The popular models now sport stainless steel finishes. Traditional Paintless Dent Repair or Removal requires gaining access to the backside of the dent. Once access is gained, steel tools are inserted and twisted or pushed to repair the dent. However, refrigerators and other appliances are built very differently than automobiles. It is often impossible to gain access to the back of a dent. Thus, the other type of tooling must be used, Glue Pulling. These tools involve a hot glue gun and glue specifically designed for dent repair. The glue is applied to ‘tabs’, reusable plastic pieces that are then stuck to the metal of the vehicle or appliance. The tabs are lifted and the dent is removed. Sounds simple right? Herein lies the long answer…most vehicles are made from steel and aluminum body panels. Remember the Delorean? The all stainless steel savior from the Country of Ireland? Thats the same stuff appliances are built out of. Stainless steel is an absolute beast! It takes as much as 4-5 times longer to repair than steel or aluminum. “Can you fix dents in my refrigerator?” Yes, but the long answer is truly long, it takes much longer to repair!

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