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Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Is it possible to fix a dent in an Airstream RV? The owner of a near brand new Airstream trailer called me in desperation. His wife, who treated it like her baby, had tripped over the dog leash and put a huge dent in the corner of the RV near the door. Devastated and seeking repair options, they received a quote from the Airstream dealer. Guess how much they quoted them to repair the damage? Over $2400!!!!! They informed them that they would need to remove the entire panel and replace it. The owners thought that was completely ridiculous. Searching for a realistic solution, they found DING Mobile Dent Removal through a google search. We responded with a visit to their trailer and found this:

This was my first time working on an Airstream, but not my first time working on aluminum body panels. Interestingly, many luxury cars (Lexus, Infinity, BMW, Mercedes, Lincoln) have aluminum body panels (hoods, deck lids, and fenders). And the body of the Ford F-150 (2014 - present) is entirely constructed of aluminum. Getting right to work, the owner was very nervous. Remember, this is her BABY…Fast forward approximately 3 hours, this was the result:

Look at the review this customer left us:

Conclusion: if you have an Airstream trailer in the Richmond, VA area, and it has a dent…Please call us first at (804) 767-1010 to schedule an appointment! We could save you thousands of dollars!!

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