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Paintless Dent Repair Out Of The Shadows?

My Paintless Dent Repair trainer often told me stories about the early days…describing the days when technicians were guarded about the dent removal process. They would set up temporary tents with screens or walls at dealerships to block the view of the repair process. Everything was ‘hush hush’ like there was some kind of unexplainable magic happening out of view (picture the ‘actual’ Wizard of OZ behind the curtain). As more and more people were trained, the techniques slowly came into plain view. Now a search on the internet will produce thousands of videos and webpages providing dent repair instruction and training. The ability to gain instantaneous information is simply amazing. We are probably the most enlightened generation of humans in history. Even with all the fantastic information available, we find that customer education is a huge part of our repair process. There are videos on YouTube that feature dent repair using a hairdryer and dry ice, compressed air, and most ridiculous: popcorn kernels. In an effort to provide accurate information to the community we are working on a new video that will take the front seat on our website, It is designed to clear up some of the rumors that seem to cling to our profession. It may bring some laughs, but our intent is to educate people on our process and create awareness regarding the true value Paintless Dent Repair provides. Stay tuned…We will have the video ready for the website soon!

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