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Repair Dents & Dings Without Damaging Vehicle’s Finish!

Is it true? Only $14.99? Really…and it will fix all the dents and dings in my car? Hold on there partner, before you pull the trigger…Lets take a step back and consider the reality of this product. Most auto part stores in America carry a similar product with very bold claims. In fact, two separate stores in Wilmington, NC sell a dent repair kit for less than $20. So, they must work, right? I mean, if sunblock doesn’t work, why is it everywhere? Sounds like bulletproof logic. However, many people have been duped into buying something that doesn’t work because they were convinced by the old smoke and mirrors trick. The sad truth is that many corporations have capitalized on unsuspecting and trusting consumers. Strong claims and advertising exude a powerful effect on the DIY and penny pinching population. Please don’t waste your money on these tools! If they really worked, I would carry them in my tool box. But, the tools that actually work are far more expensive and require years of use to become proficient. For example, just 10 sticks of the best performing Paintless Dent Repair specific hot melt glue costs more than the above mentioned kits. This does not include all the other parts to the system professionals use everyday to “Repair Dents & Dings Without Damaging Vehicle’s Finish”! Please don’t be fooled into thinking these tools work! Check out our Instagram account to see time lapse videos of this detailed process in action: @dentlessrichmond

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