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Houston? Why? When? Let me explain…Back in November of 2017 we had the opportunity to give back to our community. The ‘community’ wasn't Wilmington, but our neighbors over in Texas. Hurricane Harvey had brought an unprecedented amount of flooding and damage to the South West portion of the state. It was time to volunteer for disaster relief. So we packed it all up, moved out of our home and put all our belongings into a storage unit...loaded up our work vehicle with the bare necessities and drove the 18 hours to the west side of Houston. There we set up camp, well...kind of. Someone from Tennessee donated a travel trailer and we 'camped' in that. We volunteered as Schedulers in the administration offices assisting with the communication between the Construction Office, Regulatory (those responsible for permitting), Case Monitoring (helps homeowners get government funding), Staffing, and Materials Management departments. Often the job required working overtime, taxing our mental strength. Now, after 6 months, we are finally finished. We assisted with the investigation of 212 homes and aided in the construction repairs of 91 properties…Fast forward to June 1, 2018…back in the town we call home (Wilmington, NC), tired but completely satisfied. There is no greater feeling than giving back to the community. Thus, the reason we have our own business. It enables us to support our family and have enough to share with others. Big thanks to all the customers that called during our time in Houston and were willing to wait for us to return!

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